To Do List: Grow Morning Glories from Clippings

Googlevestigation: July 24, 2017:  So clippings are not a great idea. Morning glories are annuals, so you will only get one season out of them. I did put the clippings in a giant bucket and they rooted in about a week with full sun.  About 2 weeks prior, I planted seeds purchased from […]

Web Design: Hello There Customer Service

One of my former co-workers gave me a reason to revisit the Crutchfield website in his search for a new home theater receiver. I learned that I am living under a rock when it comes to the latest and greatest home theater technology. Besides the new technology I have been sleeping on for the past […]

Spam Glorious Spam

What is spam, and who writes this stuff, anyway?! Sorry no answer on who writes this stuff, but here are a few selected works found in comment sections of various sites. my buddy’s mom makes $64 every hour on the internet . She has been fired for 9 months but last month her pay check […]

It’s Time to Make Some Coffee

Nothing better to kick start your day than a good cup of coffee. No better way to save a few calories than drink it black, but if some days you want fresh creamer and other days you don't, you may be pouring money down the drain. You might save a few bucks, but you won't save any calories with this method, but you already knew this.